RHOD: D’Andra Simmons had a lot to say about Cary Deuber

D’Andra Simmons did not hold back during a live taping of her RHOD co-stars Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman’s podcast, Weekly Dose of BS.

The Weekly Dose of BS podcast with RHOD stars Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman had a special guest on earlier in January – D’Andra Simmons.  The episode, titled “A Dose of D.S.,” was largely uneventful.  But last night during the Weekly Dose of BS tour stop in Austin, Texas, earlier this week, D’Andra had a lot to say about Cary Deuber.

D’Andra said she would rather kill Cary in the game, shag, marry, kill. She also said she would shag LeeAnne Locken over Mark Deuber…and that she “doesn’t like Cary.”  She also said she liked Cary less than LeeAnne!  And LeeAnne was pretty awful this season, so that’s saying something.

Cary ended up Tweeting out a shady response that she was “minding the business that pays me,” and offered a link to her Lemmon Avenue skincare products that come from a “medical-grade facility.”  Ouch.  I guess Cry doesn’t use Hard Night, Good Morning?

The podcast is already on thin ice after Brandi checked in to a wellness center following her leaked racist video.  She took the podcast last week to discuss the incident, and based on the comments on social media – people have not yet forgiven Brandi. Brandi apologized on the podcast after she got out, but it has only been a week.

No word on why exactly D’Andra has an issue with Cary – but she didn’t hold back on her replies.   When asked about the beef, D’Andra tweeted, “A lot of things were cut from this season between she and I.”  She added that Cary knows what she did.

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D’Andra even started ranking the size of other alleged housewives ‘ bank accounts, even though she didn’t appreciate the discussion of her own this season.  So, can anyone find the receipts on why D’Andra is so mad?  Because it seems like there might be some light jealousy happening here…

The Real Housewives of Dallas will hopefully be back later this year…

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