RHOA: Kenya Moore is the official ambassador of unhappiness

Kenya Moore attends 'WE tv Celebrates The Return Of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WE tv)
Kenya Moore attends 'WE tv Celebrates The Return Of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WE tv) /

With the Real Housewives of Atlanta or RHOA, in full swing, things are starting to become clear. One thing is that Kenya Moore is the ambassador of misery.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta never fails to amaze and rarely disappoints. With RHOA, whether it be the drama, the comedy, the vicarious living of glamorous lifestyles, or simply the act of being in the know via the various cast of characters, it delivers on almost all occasions.

That is no different this season

With the roles, storylines, and positions starting to become fully clear, things are set to become even tenser and frankly, entertaining from here on out. With that in mind though, we must revisit a topic that we broached in one of our earlier written powwows together.

We asked some time back about Kenya Moore and the old adage of The Chicken or The Egg.  We wondered, base on reports outside of the actual show concerning the deterioration of her marriage, whether she was coming back to the show because her marriage was falling apart, or whether her coming back to the show was the initial cause. Well, we got our answer.

Based on what we have seen throughout this season of RHOA, her situation was definitely becoming a volatile one prior to her return. While we haven’t seen anything play out on the show, concerning the separation of Kenya Moore and her husband Marc Daly, we have seen the signs of what ultimately came to fruition.

It is with these thoughts that we also look to further Moore instances on the show. It appears as though she has come into a place where she wants to see others miserable, or at least that’s how it comes off at times. This is why we have officially dubbed Moore, RHOA’s Official Ambassador of Misery and/or Unhappiness.

But first, let us explain.

When thinking about the first example we want to use here, it revolves around Kenya’s supposed best friend on the cast, Cynthia Bailey. On the night and at the very event in which Bailey’s future husband Mike Hill was set to pop the question, Moore proceeded to ruin it for her by mentioning the fact that she thought that the night in question would be the night. We all remember the instance, but that was just the first viable one to use in example here.

When looking at the most recent episode, Moore’s hypothetical exchange with Tanya Sam is another example. First of all and although I guess it can be spun to look as though it was relevant to the conversation, where did that come from? It almost appears as though she was waiting for the moment to be able to bring that up.

Secondly, if she wasn’t going to spill the beans, why bring it up? That makes her seem messy, diabolical, and out to see Tanya hurt.

And finally…

One of the last really pointed examples for this case is Moore’s behavior during the dustup in Marlo Hampton’s room the night prior to the actual parade. Moore was so dead set on speaking exactly how she wanted to NeNe Leakes and being involved in her and Cynthia’s situation, that she wouldn’t even give Leakes the chance to talk to Cynthia, regardless of how the night had gone up until that point.

It seems and feels as though she wanted Bailey and Leakes to stay at odds on this particular night and subject, as we know how she feels overall. Basically, Kenya and NeNe don’t like each other, so it always comes off as if Moore resents the relationships that her friends in the group have with NeNe.

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In any event, Kenya Moore has rarely been right this season, while she has mostly been dead wrong. It is for these reasons as described and ones that we are sure to see in the future, that Kenya Moore has been dubbed RHOA’s Official Ambassador Of Misery. It appears as though since her situation was made of cardboard, she wants to tear everyone else down too.

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