Vanderpump Rules: The hookups, fights, drama, and new houses for S8

Vanderpump Rules is back for season 8 with a whole new group of cast members vying for screen time at both SUR and TomTom.

First things first: the hookups.  The new season opens with Scheana Shay teaching Vanderpump Rules newcomer Brett Caprioni about all of the ins and outs at SUR.  While Scheana is teaching Brett, Brett is busy letting us know that he and Scheana already hooked up and that she’s a bad kisser.  So rude, Brett.  We learn that Dayna Kathan and Max Boyens have already hooked up while the pair works together at TomTom and Dayna is already mad about it.

Cue the fights!

Max called Scheana “boy crazy” so Scheana is certainly off to a great start with the new male cast members.  I can feel the drama stirring between Dayna and Scheana over these two guys.  Max is apparently going on a trip the following weekend with Scheana, which Dayna says she’s cool with but doesn’t exactly seem cool with.  But can he hang a TV in 7 minutes?

The drama

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are busy planning their wedding while Jax thinks Tom Sandoval is not apparently living up to best man standards.  Jax demoted him from the best man to just a regular groomsman because of the lack of communication.  Watch the clip on Rumors about this were circulating for months after Jax unfollowed/blocked Tom and Ariana on Instagram.    

And the new houses

Meanwhile, the veteran crew is busy decorating their new homes in Valley Village, which Stassi Schroeder is quick to point out all look identical.   Valley Village is in Los Angeles, within the San Fernando Valley, about 20-30 minutes from SUR.  Kristen Doute also bought a home in the area…to be close to Tom.  Just kidding.

But the drama is certainly not over

Lala Kent took an interest in Kristen and Brian Carter’s relationships during a cast party.  It appears Lala thinks Carter is being Kristen’s sugar baby – living in her house, eating his food, not paying bills.  Interesting point of view, Lala.

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To be fair, none of Kristen’s friends like Carter for the reasons Lala listed, but Lala is being the most vocal about it at the party.  “I’m just trying to save this sugar mama from her disaster of a relationship.”  I appreciate Lala’s sugar baby relationship knowledge.  It looks like this argument is just the start for the Witches of WeHo this season though…especially with Stassi’s upcoming engagement.  

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 PM! 

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