RHOP: Can we talk about what’s real, Ashley Darby?

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- Pictured: (l-r) Candiace Dillard, Ashley Boalch Darby -- (Photo by: Larry French/Bravo)
THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- Pictured: (l-r) Candiace Dillard, Ashley Boalch Darby -- (Photo by: Larry French/Bravo) /

While it has come up in previous seasons, RHOP’s Ashley Darby’s husband and his sexual exploits are one of the main topics this season. When are we going to get concrete answers?

There is this comedian, whose name, unfortunately, escapes me at this particular juncture, that always uses a line after saying something shocking but true that goes “but we can’t talk about what’s real.” Perhaps you’ve heard or seen him or some of his work and perhaps you haven’t, but what is most important here is the fact that the line he uses is most appropriate in almost every aspect of life in 2019. It is especially pertinent when discussing the life and lifestyle of a certain cast member of RHOP, Mrs. Ashley Darby.

Oh, Ashley

If you recall from a previous season not that long ago, either last season or the one right before it, Ashley had an exchanged with her Uncle that centered around her husband Michael Darby. It was in this discussion that you first heard the notion of Ashley as being a “trophy wife” for Michael, simply a showpiece or something nice to have on his arm. Is this true?

The reasons for this notion in that particular case could have been rooted in any number of things, but it is especially pertinent here as the questions surrounding Michael’s sexual orientation, preferences, and exploits only continue to grow.

But what’s the truth?

Whether Mr. Darby is in these streets grabbing buttocks, as in the actual legal suit filed against him by the RHOP production employee, saying who he would give fellatio as in the comment heard around the world (ok, maybe just several of the other cast members), or commenting on other men’s physiques and attractiveness such as the occasion in which he decided to give the quick massage before asking another man if he had been working out, he is definitely painting a confusing picture.

While it doesn’t matter when it comes to his sexual orientation, don’t we deserve transparency when they’ve put their lives on display for the world to see? Is he gay or not? At the very least, doesn’t Ashley deserve to know? This is of course unless she already knows something that the rest of us don’t.

Is Ashley just there to birth his next of kin, thus giving him someone with his blood to leave his inheritance while subsequently keeping his family name and lineage alive in some form or fashion? Is she just there to help maintain a front or facade of some sort, or, is she just there? This would definitely speak towards a certain level of naiveté if that were the case.

At the end of the day

The people deserve to know, especially with the investment of the audience, their willingness to put it all on display by accepting roles on the show, and with all of the incidents and situations that they have found themselves tied into. All in all, Ashley Darby may not be willing to be real with her castmates and the audience but at the very least, she should at least be willing to be real with her self.

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This is either unfair to Ashley, unfair to the audience, or unfair to every other person that lives their best and authentic lives every single day. That is all.

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