Southern Charm NOLA: What the status with Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols?

SOUTHERN CHARM NEW ORLEANS -- Pictured: Justin Reese -- (Photo by: Tyler Kaufman/Bravo)
SOUTHERN CHARM NEW ORLEANS -- Pictured: Justin Reese -- (Photo by: Tyler Kaufman/Bravo) /

The Southern Charm New Orleans stars have been open about their relationship situation this season, but what’s the status now?

Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols have been together for years, but apparently, they are not moving at a fast enough pace.  On the Southern Charm recently, Kelsey told Justin he had six months to propose or she was done.  It was clear Kelsey was ready for the next step in their relationship, but Justin was not. Unfortunately, that six-month deadline passed in July.  Justin told AfterBuzz TV that they broke up for a bit earlier in the summer, but are back together and working on things now.

The pressure of the show

This season was definitely a tough one for the couple.  Justin and Kelsey had moved in together to renovate his childhood home. The house was damaged in Hurricane Katrina and needed a lot of work, but they did it!  Kelsey made it clear she was happy with their newly re-done home but wanted more. It sounds like they broke up around the time that six months was up.

Tamica Lee has not been quiet about how she feels about Kelsey.  She even got kicked out of the house at their housewarming party.  Kelsey has apologized, probably more than she needed to, to be in Tamica’s good graces. They ended the season on an okay note at Reagan Charleston’s wedding.  Either way, the pressure was definitely on for Justin and coming from all angles.

And the pressure of Tamica

When Tamica was on Watch What Happens Live earlier in the season, she did not hold back (obviously).  A caller asked if Tamica thought a wedding was in the couple’s future and Tamica said, “He will never pop the question. And I will eat crow if he does.”

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That doesn’t inspire confidence, now does it?  Maybe Tamica should back off and let her friend Justin figure it out.  I wonder if the issue is marriage in general or more about Kelsey?

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