Lisa Vanderpump teeth feud: RHOBH star slams Camille ‘drunk’ excuse, Grammer shades in Instagram shocker

Lisa Vanderpump has left the building.
Lisa Vanderpump has left the building. /

Lisa Vanderpump fires up that teeth feud, biting Camillle Grammer’s “drunk” excuse as the RHOBH star throws shade on Instagram.

Lisa Vanderpump finally is biting that Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) teeth feud!

In particular, the Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH star has something to say about Camille Grammer using too much alcohol as an excuse for her rude comments.

Lisa Vanderpump versus Camillle Grammer: What started tooth tempest

Grammer was once “a great friend of mine,” Lisa informed TooFab.

But when Camille insulted everything to do with that sweet smile of Vanderpump, from her gums to her teeth to her breath, well, we’re guessing that mentally, Vanderpump has another word than “friend” for Grammer.

In response to a comment that her friendship with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star had turned into a “touch and go” drama, Lisa revealed she’s especially mad about the remarks Camille made when Vanderpump wasn’t even there.

“She starts saying weird things about my smile, my teeth, my gum line,” recalled Lisa.

Camille did apologize to the “people I insulted,” but she didn’t list Vanderpump as one of those individuals, making it seem even more like toothy shade.

Lisa Vanderpump reveals teeth history, slams RHOBH co-star

As for whether any of those comments from Camille might be a tad true, Lisa insisted that she has “never had a gum problem in my life! Never had a tooth problem in my life.”

As for Grammer turning to Twitter to say that she felt “bad” and could not “handle alcohol,” Vanderpump didn’t accept Camilla going “on social media saying, ‘I regret it. I was drunk.'”

During the episode of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, however, Grammer used her work experience as an “ex-dental assistant” for her slanderous comments about Vanderpump’s teeth.

“I’m an ex-dental assistant, so it’s hard for me because I was a dental assistant!” insisted Camille after enjoying her martini. “Oh, God, before Lisa Vanderpump got her teeth redone…I had such an issue with the gums!”

Grammer went onto slam Vanderpump for needing “new caps,” as well as having a “receding” gum line. As for now?

“Now, [Lisa Vanderpump’s teeth] look great,” added Camille, with a final bashing, “At least you can stand her breath!”

Lisa Vanderpump feels Camille Grammer is “two-faced”

Twitter lit up with feedback about the drama.

When one fan called the RHOBH former dental assistant two-faced for slamming Lisa’s teeth but enjoying the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden opening in Las Vegas, Lisa agreed.

“I know, and she’s apologizing for being drunk!” Lisa shared on Twitter. “Great…”

And then Grammer appeared to be throwing more shade at Vanderpump by sharing a photo of oversized lips on Instagram.

Wait, what?

“Visiting my parents and my dad showed me these Papier-mâché lips I made my freshmen year of college. #lips #art How funny and fun! I’m glad my parents kept them,” wrote Camille.

Sounds innocent, but..ahem, interesting timing.

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What do you think of the feud involving Camille Grammer and Lisa Vanderpump? Do you think that Instagram pic of her lips is another way of throwing shade?