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4. Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey

I wouldn’t bet against any Real Housewife who has flipped tables on costars, served a federal prison sentence, and been completely isolated and still stood her ground. Arguably nobody on this list is as tough as Teresa. It seems as if Teresa has gone through more over the last eight seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey than any other Housewife of any city. Like Bethenny, Teresa has experience on competition shows so she might a leg up on other ladies in the house.

Teresa went multiple seasons with all of her costars coming at her and hating her, and she handled it like a champion. If Teresa is able to do that, there is no telling how successful she could be on a Real Housewives All Stars season. Teresa went on reality TV and aired out her family’s entire dirty laundry including a brawl at a christening. That’s pretty hardcore. It’s a safe bet that she would be unafraid to speak her mind at volumes and clap back at any of her costars on a Real Housewives All Stars season.

Would Teresa be your choice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Who would be your pick?