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3. Nene Leakes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta

BLOOP! The Queen of catchphrases and the very rich bit** was the one and only choice from Atlanta for a Real Housewives All Stars Season. The hilarity that would ensue with Nene under one roof with Housewives from other cities should be enough for Bravo to green light the idea! Nene isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and dive into the drama either. Nene has been a part of the most memorable moments in Housewives history from “close your legs to married men” to “Never Neverland.”

Nene is the glue for her wig AND her family, and it’s hard to argue against her being the glue in a Real Housewives All Stars Season as well. She has a dominant larger than life personality that might be intimidating to other Housewives in the house which could be a great advantage. Nene can come at someone with lowkey shade or full on in your face drama, and that unpredictability could make her the perfect front runner to win.

Would Nene be your choice from the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Who would be your pick?