Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Top 8 Reunion Moments

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Season 7: Kim returns “The Bunny”

Rinna and Kim have never seen eye to eye, but in the seventh season Rinna extended an olive branch in the form of a baby gift for Kim’s grandson. Nobody could have ever predicted at the time how iconic this bunny baby gift would be in Housewives history. At the reunion Kim physically handed back the bunny to Rinna claiming that it wasn’t gifted with good energy. WHAT?!?!

Such an insane moment, and you could tell a lot of the cast was either holding back laughter, or extremely uncomfortable. Rinna had a single tear streaming down her face during the exchange, and the entire situation was prime reality television. The tension between Rinna and Kim was very real, but the moment was so over the top and it was all over a stuffed bunny.