Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Top 8 Reunion Moments

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Season 2: Kyle compares LVP to Bobby Fischer 

Once the Season 2 reunion got underway, it was obvious that some sort of plan to come for LVP was in play. Kyle and Adrienne were gunning for her, and they weren’t holding back. At one point Adrienne accused LVP of selling stories about her family to the tabloids.

The most shocking moment came when Kyle compared being friends with LVP to playing chess. Kyle claimed that being friends with LVP was akin to playing chess with legendary player Bobby Fischer, and every move was calculated. LVP seemed betrayed by the comment, and was surprised to hear what her longtime friend thought of her. This is another moment that had major ramifications for many seasons to come. After this accusation Kyle and LVP have struggled to maintain lengthy stability in their friendship. In seasons that follow the accusations of manipulation are echoed by costars such as Rinna, Brandi, and Erika.