Is Melissa Gorga selling her home due to RHONJ storyline or debt?

Melissa Gorga is currently selling her home in New Jersey after trying to sell it several times. But why is she selling her home now?

Melissa Gorga is currently filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, and other Real Housewives of New Jerey stars. For a while, fans have wondered what Melissa’s storyline could be for this season of the show, especially since Melissa didn’t seem to have anything going on. But while filming the show, Gorga and her husband have made headlines over various legal things, including her selling counterfeit Chanel bags at her store and Joe Gorga being caught shoplifting at Home Depot.

Now, it seems like Melissa and Joe are trying to leave their mansion once again. On a previous occasion, The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars have listed their New Jersey mansion in hopes of selling the home. However, the price was too high given the work that had to be done to the home. Apparently, it wasn’t in the best condition. Now, they are trying once again, but fans are skeptical of the situation.

According to All About The Tea, it sounds like Melissa Gorga wants to make the sale of her home a storyline on the show. Apparently, she and Joe are thinking about leaving New Jersey behind in favor of California. However, the couple’s finances aren’t allowing them to get a home in California. The house is currently listed at $3.3 million.

It’s possible that Melissa Gorga and Joe are selling their home because of financial trouble. It’s clear that she could be facing some financial backlash for her Chanel bag scandal, where she sold counterfeit bags to unknowing customers at her ENVY store.

What do you think about Melissa Gorga selling her home as a possible storyline for the show?