Teddi Mellencamp mocks Erika after she supposedly remembers all

Teddi Mellencamp mocks Erika Girardi in her new blog because she claims to remember everything – except the conversation that Teddi needed her to remember about Dorit Kemsley.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp was shocked when Erika Girardi called her out on the spot when she said that it was convenient that Erika was forgetting some vital information as they were confronting Dorit Kemsley about things that were said. Viewers were shocked as well, considering they weren’t expecting Erika to flip out. It’s clear that Girardi doesn’t like to be called a liar and she made sure that Teddi knew that. Teddi ended up in tears and viewers were quick to take her side in the argument.

As it turns out, Teddi Mellencamp appears to be watching the show closely and she’s been calling Erika out for her comments. Even though Erika appeared to forget the comments that were made on a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she recently claimed that she remembered everything during a conversation with Lisa Vanderpump. When Lisa questioned Kyle Richards’ dedication to their friendship when she didn’t remember Lisa’s grandmother’s name, Erika interrupted revealing that she knew the name of her grandmother and the name and location of Lisa’s restaurant in a mall.

In her Bravo blog for the show, Teddi Mellencamp is now revealing that people should always remember people’s grandmothers’ names and if she forgets, she can always ask Erika Girardi. Even though Erika somewhat apologized to Teddi during the show, it sounds like the apology didn’t work out well. These two have been fighting on social media, making indirect jabs at each other.

What do you think of Teddi Mellencamp’s Bravo blog about Erika? Are you surprised that they are making fun of each other, considering they made peace on the show?

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