LeeAnne Locken goes off on Twitter — Mark Deuber did what to her?

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LeeAnne Locken had it rough on the RHOD reunion and now, she is throwing shade all over Twitter. 

Last night, The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion premiered. It was tough to watch, especially for LeeAnne Locken fans. She was picked apart from all angles, and Brandi Redmond was not backing down. After putting up with a bunch of remarks and low blows, Locken took off when it was announced Mark Deuber would be brought out.

There were plenty of wrongdoings by everyone involved during Season 2 of RHOD. It was filmed almost a full year ago, so the wounds were reopened once again. If you remember (we TOTALLY remember!), LeeAnne and Brandi were friends at the beginning of the season. Once Brandi and Stephanie Hollman rekindled their friendship, LeeAnne was tossed to the wayside. How would you feel if that was you?

Unfortunately, it didn’t end with Brandi Redmond. Cary Deuber got her jabs in too, though they were pretty warranted.

Locken definitely said some nasty things about Cary’s husband, Mark. Things that were out of line and could have easily ruined his career. That has now boiled over to Twitter, and things are getting downright nasty.

In a tweet, LeeAnne Locken reveals she is creeped out by Mark Deuber because he allegedly tried to stick his tongue down her throat. This is a pretty wild accusation, even coming from LeeAnne.

When did this happen? Have you seen Cary? Yeah, I’m not buying it at all. Mark has made it clear he is not a fan of Locken or her mouth, so why would he even try something as weird as that? Many other fans have also questioned her comment.

Next Monday night, the second part of the RHOC reunion with Mark on it will air. The Real Housewives of Dallas has gotten very mean girl, even for viewers.

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially after what has transpired on Twitter. LeeAnne Locken definitely got the short end of the stick, but her attacks on Cary and Mark Deuber were unwarranted.