Shannon and David Beador’s violent past confirmed? Restraining order document surfaces

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After all the denials regarding David Beador getting physical, Shannon is looking foolish with the surfacing of a new document.

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Shannon Beador has been adamant about making sure everyone knows Vicki Gunvalson is a liar. She wants everyone to believe that David Beador was never physical with her. There was no abuse, and the vicious lies spewed by her former friend are just not true. Unfortunately, court documents say something quite different.

According to Radar Online, documents from the Orange County Superior Court show a restraining order was granted to Shannon Beador in May 2003. It was granted three months after the initial incident happened.

David Beador was reportedly physical with Shannon in February 2003. There was an arrest made and everything. After three years, the charges were dropped against David in April 2006.

This is going to cause a lot of grief for Shannon Beador. If she gained all that weight from Vicki Gunvalson exposing her dark past, what is going to happen now?

News about the restraining order broke last night and it is safe to say there will be some damage control to be done. After months and months of calling Gunvalson a liar, she is faced with the truth. While what Vicki did wasn’t very nice, it wasn’t untrue.

Shannon Beador is always trying to save face. She doesn’t come across as real in any aspect of her life. The show portrays her marriage to David as strained, and he appears cold toward her. Rumors of a possible divorce outcome have circulated, but there has been no evidence to back them up.

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It will be interesting to see how Shannon Beador reacts to the news, and which spin she will put on it. Vicki Gunvalson may be a lot of things, but she wasn’t lying about Shannon’s marriage to David. It is unfortunate, especially since the Beador girls will likely read all about their parents’ tumultuous past.