Watch: Brandi Redmond chases Kameron Westcott with sex toy while in Mexico

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Brandi Redmond went a bit overboard with the big, black dildo. 

The Real Housewives of Dallas took on Mexico it the latest episode. All of the girls went away from the hustle and bustle of life. The first half of the season showed growing tension and Monday’s episode solidified that.

Kameron Westcott is the new girl on the scene. To say she is pretentious would be an understatement.

The way she talks is definitely a clue to how she judges and looks down on others. However, she has been an addition that stirred the pot a bit. Westcott and Cary Deuber get along and since she’s my favorite, I have to cut Kameron some slack.

Brandi Redmond showed just how crude she could be last season on The Real Housewives of Dallas. The poop talk with Stephanie Hollman was a little excessive and she was definitely not a favorite of LeeAnne Locken.

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Since then, things have changed a bit. Redmond and Locken got close when Hollman made some comments about Brandi and her husband and she was cut off.

Given what we know about the women, D’Andra Simmons pulling a big, black dildo out of her bag while they were eating tacos was a little shocking. Of course, Brandi thought it would be funny to place it in there.

Simmons wasn’t too put off by it, but Kameron looked mortified. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Brandi decided to chase her with the sex toy and make a huge scene.

This has been a topic of conversation across social media. Do you think Brandi went overboard? Despite my reservations about Kameron Westcott, I feel like she was correct to be disgusted by it. I mean, I know I would not appreciate being chased around by a sex toy.

Was it previously used by her and her husband or bought new? There are so many gross “what-ifs” that I am nauseous thinking about it.

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