Peggy is speaking truth to Tamra and it’s amazing

Peggy is figuring out how she fits into the RHOC world — including the Vicki and Tamra fireball at the center of it.

This week on the Real Housewives of Orange County, resident new Housewife Peggy Sulahain had lunch with Tamra Judge because there was some drama that had to be sorted. And sorted it was, sort of. But mainly, Peggy provided some fire asides about Tamra.

It begins with Tamra, typically unbearable, says she will only give Peggy a second chance if she “fixes that resting bitch face.”

First, let’s address how messed up this is: Tamra acknowledges that Peggy has been through cancer but asserts, yeah, an expression that any number of women wear regularly is a dealbreaker for any empathy. Okay, Tamra.

Now, it’s one thing to say this in confessional, but Tamra also tells Peggy to her face that she told multiple people that she thought Peggy had a resting bitch face. Why would she do that? She could very well have left it at, “I don’t know your personality.”

To her credit, Peggy had the best confessional response: “Don’t act like a bitch, I won’t give you the face.”

Let’s take a moment and appreciate Peggy. Yes, she’s brought her share of shade to the O.C., but she lays the situation out incredibly reasonably: the only drama that night was between Vicki and Tamra. Also, we can always respect someone who tries to deflate a situation rather than start a shouting match. Preach:

Tamra is evidently damaged by their past, and I figured that dwelling on it doesn’t resolve the issue. By telling her to not “dwell on it” was my way of persuading her into moving on. They’ve been talking about the same matter for years now, while they point fingers at each other of who to blame.

In the same explanatory blog, Peggy also gives us the truest line ever spoken or written about Shannon and Tamra (and Vicki, if we’re being honest): “Being alone with these ladies proved how pleasant they are, but when they are in a group together, things are much different.”

(It’s worth adding Peggy also uses the blog to clear up her “cancer facts” and that’s well worth a read as well.)

Honestly, extremely here for Peggy’s outsider put downs. And the resting bitch face — keep the bitch face, girl.