Don’t worry, Real Housewives of Atlanta is ‘gonna be even crazier’ than last season

Credit: Bravo
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If you thought RHOA was going to take it down a notch after that banner reunion, Kandi has some news for you: it’s getting even wilder.

Real Housewives of Atlanta season 9 was something else. The RHOA season 9 reunion — that in particular was really something else. But according to Kandi Burruss, who let’s not forget was at the heart of the drama to the extent that she considered leaving the show and/or suing Phaedra Parks, says there’s more crazy to come.

At the BET Awards, Kandi confirmed to Us Weekly that she’ll be back for RHOA season 10. (Phaedra, uh, will not.) She also told the publication that even with Phaedra gone, she feels like RHOA will be just as, if not more, out of control than last season.

According to Us Weekly, the R&B star and businesswoman said:

"It was a lot of drama last season, so I kind of prepared myself now that I’m coming into this season, season 10, it’s gonna be even crazier. It’s a lot of different things going on, not just with me, but some of our past cast mates are coming back, and we’re gonna see how that goes. We just started taping this past week. I haven’t even seen everybody yet."

One of the returning cast mates is, of course, NeNe Leakes, which is some banner news and sure to stir up some power struggles. NeNe was MIA in season 9 and, though she made periodic appearances in season 8, has not been a full-time cast member since season 7.

Kandi also mentioned she will be participating in an Xscape docuseries on Bravo with her 90s R&B group. The foursome performed at the BET Awards and had all their fans deep in their nostalgic feelings. Apparently, the docu-series is filming at the same time as RHOA so we can’t rule out the possibility of a little crossover action.

Regardless of whether her girl group makes an appearance, we can’t wait to see what crazy the ladies have in store.