Will John Mulaney be mentioned in his ex-wife's book?


Comedian John Mulaney and artist Anna Marie Tendler were married in 2014 and, after making their marriage the focus of many parts of his standup routine, he filed for divorce from her in 2021. Their separation became the subject of much public speculation admist Mulaney's struggles with addiction and his relationship with Olivia Munn, with whom he has one child.

Now, three years after the pair separated and Mulaney quickly moved on with actress Olivia Munn, his ex-wife has announced that she's releasing a memoir titled Men Have Called Her Crazy in the summer of 2024. Will John Mulaney be mentioned in the book?

Because of the massive public spectacle that their breakup became -- thanks to the fact that so much of John Mulaney's comedy was based around being a happily married man and the fact that, in the eyes of his fans, he had moved on and started a family with another woman surprisingly quickly -- many fans are already excited for Tendler's memoir.

In her Instagram post announcing the book, she teased the memoir by saying:

"I have been writing this book for two years. More accurately though I have been writing it for close to four decades. I have never been more proud of any work. It is a story about mental health; about being a woman; about family. And finally, about the endless source of my heartbreak and rage—men."

Tendler, who is a photographer, has remained largely silent about their separation but has appeared to make references to it in her art, most notably in a photograph she posted a year after their separation that she called "Dinner in March" and says dated back to March 31, 2021, just months before the pair had announced they were separated. The photo features Tendler looking forlorn at a dinner table where the chair across from her has been pushed out so her companion could leave the table.

Will Anna Marie Tendler's memoir reference John Mulaney?

Since her memoir won't be released until August 13, 2024, it's too soon to say whether or not this is going to be the scathing tell-all that many fans are hoping for. Although her announcement references heartache, it also says that the book has been decades in the making, meaning that it's likely that Mulaney isn't the only man to have hurt the photographer.

According to TMZ, a source close to Tendler says that the book makes no references to Mulaney whatsoever. Despite this, many fans are hoping to hear her side of the story of their breakup and are hoping that at least a little of the heartbreak that she wrote about in the memoir will have been caused by their divorce in 2021.