Travis Kelce won't be supporting Taylor Swift at the Grammys

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Taylor Swift is up for six Grammys at the 2024 award show, including snagging noms for Album of the Year for her album Midnights and Record of the Year for her hit single "Anti-Hero." Winning just one of them at the February 4 award show could give Taylor Swift her lucky number 13th Grammy and while fans have seen Taylor at the Chiefs games supporting her football boyfriend Travis Kelce, they unfortunately won't be able to watch him cheering her on at the musical award show.

The Super Bowl is stopping Travis Kelce from being at the Grammys

Fans got to see Taylor Swift excitedly celebrating with Travis Kelce when his team won the game that sent the pair to the Super Bowl, but unfortunately, it's the same big game that will be stopping him from attending the Grammys.

Travis Kelce made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show and although he said that he wished he could be at the Grammys and see his girlfriend Taylor Swift "win every single award that she's nominated for," he said that he's not going to be able to make the award show.

According to Travis, he will be traveling to Las Vegas in order to start preparing for the Super Bowl the same day of the Grammys and unfortunately, the strict schedule just doesn't allow him to fly in to Sin City at a later date after attending the Grammys with Taylor Swift in Los Angeles that evening. But, he promises that he'll be with her in spirit and we're sure that Taylor will feel his support from afar.

Taylor Swift won't be performing at the Grammys

Unfortunately for Swifties, Travis Kelce isn't the only one with a strict performance schedule. Although there were early rumors that the Grammy nominated singer was going to be performing at the big show, it's been confirmed that she won't be performing, but will be attending the Grammys -- and will hopefully be taking home at least one award.

Taylor's tour picks back up in Tokyo on February 7, just three days after the Grammys. This means that because of time zones, there's not enough time for her to have a performance at the award show, then travel to Japan and be ready to perform her show there with such a tight turnaround time.

Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl?

According to some serious Swiftie math done by Page Six, the time zone differences between Las Vegas and Tokyo mean that it could be possible for Taylor Swift to leave her concert in Tokyo, hop on a plane, and fly back to Las Vegas in time for the Super Bowl.

According to a source close to the "Lover" singer, there's no way she would miss supporting her boyfriend in the big game, so it seems like she'll be on a flight back across the Pacific Ocean to watch the Chiefs play in the big game right after her final show in Tokyo.