Travis Kelce turned down Netflix's offer to be part of a reality series

Travis Kelce was apparently at the top of Netflix's wish list for its new series Receiver, but here's why the Chiefs tight end turned down show.
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If there is one thing that 2024 has given us plenty of, it is news about Travis Kelce. From winning another Super Bowl to his relationship with Taylor Swift, the NFL star has been all over the news (and social media).

So it makes perfect sense that with his current popularity and star power, people might want more Travis Kelce in their lives. And what better way to make that happen than with reality TV? That's exactly what Netflix thought too.

According to US Weekly, it seems that Kelce was offered an opportunity to be part of the reality program, Receiver, which is a follow-up to the series Quarterback, which starred fellow Chiefs star, Patrick Mahomes. While Receiver is set to begin streaming on July 10, we won't be seeing Travis Kelce on our screens. The reason for that is because he turned the opportunity down.

Travis Kelce has no desire to do anymore reality TV

While Travis Kelce has actually been part of reality TV in the past, thanks to his involvement in the E! series, Catching Kelce, that doesn't mean he wants to do it again. Considering Catching Kelce was actually a dating program designed to bring love into his life, it makes sense that he might be over even the idea of reality TV.

During a recent podcast chat, Travis Kelce talked about the Netflix offer and even why he turned it down.

"After Pat did it, I did get asked about it. I don’t know. I’d rather just play ball, man. I’m already doing enough with the podcast and everything."

Travis Kelce

But that's not all he had to say, as Kelce also made the joking response that, "I’m way over the reality s–t. I’m out on that s–t." And we don't even blame him.

It can't be easy to have your life filmed for reality TV of any kind. And considering his relationship with Taylor Swift has him heavily in the public eye already, it makes sense that if he can find a semblance of privacy, he is going to take it.

We don't necessarily need to see Travis Kelce on reality TV to get our fix, since he is definitely able to get people talking without TV cameras following his every move.

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