Tamar Braxton explains why she said no to Real Housewives of Atlanta

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We already knew going into Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that we were going to be getting a cast shake-up. After all, Kandi Burruss had already shared that she was stepping back from the series, and there has definitely been a decline in the quality of the show over the last few seasons. So it makes sense that Bravo would be on the hunt for the perfect cast.

While we now know who the new and returning ladies of RHOA will be for Season 15, it turns out that we almost had a Braxton as a housewife in Atlanta. According to Reality Tea, Tamar Braxton actually declined the opportunity to hold one of the iconic peaches and appear in the new season.

If there is one thing we can count on when it comes to any of the housewife franchises, it is that there will be drama. And Atlanta is no exception. So it actually makes perfect sense that Tamar Braxton declined the invitation to be a housewife on RHOA. As someone who is already quite familiar with reality TV, Tamar knows that drama is the name of the game on a show like RHOA.

Why Tamar Braxton turned away a role on RHOA

So what did she say about the series and her decision to not be a part of the RHOA cast? According to Tamar there really is, "just no way I’m going to sit and get a wig put on and get my face beat to argue with a bunch of b*****s about nothing." But that's not all she had to say.

"I can’t do it. What does that do for me in my life? What’s the argument?

Let me tell you something, all money ain’t good money. It’s just not.

What’s for me won’t miss me. It’s not worth my mental [health] to sit up here and get into an argument with another Black beautiful woman about nothing so other people can think this is what we’re about. At some point, you have to have responsibility [for] what you put on the TV screen."

Tamar Braxton

Honestly, we can't blame Tamar Braxton at all for feeling this way. Not only does it make perfect sense that this opportunity would not be for her, but we also love the fact that she is not about arguing with another Black woman about nothing for entertainment.

There is nothing wrong with saying no to something that doesn't add real value to your life. And Tamar has made it clear that RHOA would not be good for her mental health. We absolutely respect the fact that she is thinking about herself first and not any potential monetary gain.

While we would have loved to see Tamar Braxton on our screens every week as we tuned in to Bravo for new episodes of RHOA, we also understand why that just doesn't work for her. But here's hoping she is back on our screens soon, as we miss her bold personality and no-nonsense approach to life.

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