Simu Liu won't be talking badly about Taylor Swift as host of the People's Choice Awards

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Did you know that Simu Liu is set to be the host of the 2024 People's Choice Awards? (Considering the news came out in the last few days, maybe not.) And if there is one thing we can all count on from an awards show host, it is jokes. But one person won't be the butt of those jokes according to the Marvel and Barbie actor.

According to US Weekly, Liu took to X (formerly Twitter) to let his followers know that Taylor Swift is safe from him. In the X post, the actor shared, "There will be no Taylor [Swift] slander at the 2024 PCAs. That’s a personal guarantee."

Considering what went down at the Golden Globes and the aftermath, including people saying Swift should have laughed at a poorly delivered joke about her, it makes perfect sense that Simu Liu would make it clear that he has no intention of doing the same thing. The amount of conversation generated by some of the "jokes" made is proof that some things just aren't funny.

Simu Liu is set to host the 2024 People's Choice Awards on February 18

Of course, the fact that Taylor Swift will apparently be safe from Simu Liu at the People's Choice Awards is not the only thing that the actor had to say about his upcoming gig. In fact, he wanted people to know that he is both grateful and excited for this opportunity.

In a statement from Liu about the hosting gig, he shared that he was "so grateful to have been asked to step up to the hosting plate for the 2024 People’s Choice Awards." And we are definitely excited to see him in action.

This is not the first time that Simu Liu has hosted an awards ceremony, as he has also been the host of the 2023 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ SciTech Awards, and a two-time host of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ Juno Awards. Both of these experiences mean that he knows what he is doing when he steps out onto the stage for the People's Choice Awards.

Knowing that Liu is already familiar with what it takes to host an awards ceremony means that we aren't too worried about how things will play out on February 18. That being said, we really appreciate the fact that he took the time to straight up say that he won't be "coming for" Taylor Swift.

Are you excited to see Simu Liu taking on the hosting gig for this year's People's Choice Awards? Do you appreciate the fact that he plans to avoid "slandering" Taylor Swift?

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