Simon Guobadia claims Porsha Williams has sent him threatening texts

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When Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams got together, there was a lot of controversy around their relationship. However, the two were very loved up and seemingly happy together. Unfortunately, their love story was very short-lived.

In February 2024, a divorce announcement was made by Williams. It definitely came as a shock to some, especially since they had just been enjoying a vacation together, where they seemed very much in love. But seemingly, the love is gone, and a lot of their disputes have been taken to social media.

Now Simon Guobadia is claiming that he has received at least one threatening text from his ex, according to Reality Tea. In fact, it seems that Guobadia has actually included the “threatening” text message in a court filing that he made this week. His inclusion of this text is part of his attempt to showcase that he has allegedly “suffered and will continue to suffer damages” due to his relationship with Porsha Williams.

The text Porsha Williams allegedly sent Simon Guobadia that he found threatening

But what was the allegedly threatening text message? On March 11, Porsha allegedly sent her ex a message that reads, “Listen I suggest you stop spreading lies about me. I am holding your truth but I won’t for long if you are going to continue to lie on.” And it was not just a text. She also posted a similar message on social media, for everyone to see.

Whether or not we believe this to be a threatening text, it is clear that Simon is unhappy with the messages that he is allegedly receiving from his ex. And that is part of the reason he is taking his ex to court for more than just their divorce. In part, it seems that he is claiming “malicious defamation.” And while Porsha has not really said much about her ex, it is clear that she feels that she does have “truths” about him that are negative.

This is definitely going to be a contentious divorce. And that’s not very surprising as many divorces can be difficult for the people involved. We really hope that both of these individuals are able to move on from each other and find happiness.

Do you think this alleged text was a “threat?” Are you surprised by this split and what is happening between Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia?

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