Porsha Williams calls it quits from husband Simon Guobadia

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It's a sad time for love, as Porsha Williams has filed for divorce from husband Simon Guobadia. The news comes after the Real Housewives of Atlanta star called the man her "ride or die" on social media, just five days prior to the separation news broke.

It has definitely been a newsworthy few weeks for Porsha. Not only did she announce her long-awaited return to RHOA, but now she is also ending her marriage after just 15 months. It is a lot to process as a fan of the reality star.

Recently, news broke that Goubadia had been denied his permanent resident status in the U.S. because of a criminal record, but according to Reality Tea, it sounds like that had nothing to do with why Williams had decided to file for divorce. Instead, there is no real information yet as to why Porsha had decided to end her marriage.

Porsha Williams is getting divorced in time for her return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Honestly, the divorce news is a bit of a shock, and it's bound to add a layer of drama to whatever storyline we can expect to see from Porsha Williams on RHOA. It is entirely likely that we will get to see the divorce play out throughout the next season, which will include seeing how she rebuilds her life and what it means to be a divorced, single mom.

There has been talk for a while that RHOA needed a refresh or a bit of a reboot because things were getting stale, but now that we have Porsha Williams returning and going back to her single days, we think things are about to get spicy all over again. It will definitely be interesting to see what Porsha will bring to the table now that she is in a new stage of her life and we can't wait to see if her divorce is a big part of her story in season 16.

RHOA does not yet have a return date for season 16, however we do expect to see it return to Bravo at some point later in 2024.

What do you think of this divorce news? Are you surprised that Porsha is going to be a single lady when she makes her RHOA return? Do you think her divorce will be a big part of her storyline?

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