Phaedra Parks reveals who she thinks should be on the next season of The Traitors

THE TRAITORS -- Pictured: "The Traitors" Key Art -- (Photo by: Peacock)
THE TRAITORS -- Pictured: "The Traitors" Key Art -- (Photo by: Peacock) /

The second season of The Traitors is currently underway and thanks to the decision to only go with public figures this season, it has definitely made for entertaining TV. And now, people are already thinking about what a third season could look like and who would be a good fit for the show.

While speaking to Screen Rant as part of a three-person interview, former Real Housewives of Atlanta housewife turned Married to Medicine star, Phaedra Parks, shared who she thinks would be a good addition to the series. Everyone in the interview was asked who from their original shows would they want to see take part in a season of The Traitors. And obviously for Parks that means looking back to her time on RHOA.

So who does Phaedra think would be a good fit for the series? If you are a fan of RHOA, her answer might not surprise anyone.

"I think from Housewives, Marlo Hampton would be a hoot on this show – Marlo Hampton would be hilarious on this show…and she would bring the fashion."

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks thinks Marlo Hampton would be a great addition to a third season of The Traitors

Marlo Hampton, Phaedra Parks
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For years, Marlo Hampton has been a "friend-of" the other housewives until finally being given her housewife peach in 2022. However, even as a friend of the show, Hampton has always been able to bring the drama and the fashion. She knows how to stir the pot, while also being brutally honest with the other ladies.

Of all the ladies who have graced our screens on RHOA, Marlo Hampton might just be the most likely to call people out and point out their issues. So it actually makes perfect sense for Phaedra Parks to suggest Marlo as a future cast member. And not only that, but we totally agree with her. Honestly, she would absolutely ramp up the entertainment factor of the show and it is already pretty entertaining with the Season 2 cast.

What do you think of this potential casting idea? Are there any other housewives from RHOA you would want to see on The Traitors?

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