Pedro Pascal reveals that his Buffy the Vampire Slayer role saved him from being homeless

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If there is one man we think of as one of the Hollywood "it" men, it would have to be Pedro Pascal. From his roles on hit series such as The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, to his award season win and running jokes, Pascal has been keeping his fans happy lately. But where he started and where he is now are two very different things.

And according to the actor, he has a lot to thank Buffy the Vampire Slayer for. In fact, it sounds like his role on the iconic series actually saved the day once. So what happened?

As Us Weekly reports, while speaking to Entertainment Tonight Pedro Pascal revealed,

"My entry level lasted about 15 years. We’re talking about being able to see a doctor, getting sick, having surgery, paying my rent. I had less than $7 in my bank account and a residual from Buffy the Vampire Slayer showed up and saved the day and literally is the reason I was able to stay in [Hollywood] and not give up."

Pedro Pascal

Buffy the Vampire Slayer helped to keep Pedro Pascal in Hollywood

If you didn't already know, Pedro Pascal was in the Season 4 premiere of the show as a character named Eddie who was also a freshman at UC Sunnydale alongside Buffy. The two characters were both struggling with this new beginning and had connected with each other before Eddie ended up being turned into a vampire and Buffy had to live up to her name.

And while his appearance on the series could be considered a blink and you might miss it type of experience in terms of how long the show was on air and how short his appearance was, it was still something special.

In fact, Sarah Michelle Gellar (who played Buffy) shared a post on social media back at the beginning of 2023 where she shared a photo of herself with Pascal on set. She included a sweet caption about when the two met. And yes, Pedro Pascal saw the post and shared some memories of his time on set as well.

But it turns out that this moment on the series was not just about creating beautiful memories, as it also ended up being a bit of life saver for the actor. The fact that his residual check from Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended up not only arriving just when he needed it, but also with enough to actually come in clutch is a bit of a reminder of just how important those checks can be for actors who haven't made it as big as Pedro Pascal.

Obviously, fans of Pascal have to thank Buffy for the actor being able to stick around Hollywood and give us these characters we love and an actor that so many of us are obsessed with.

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