Milania Giudice reveals where she is going to college via Instagram

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It's time for The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Milania Giudice, the daughter of the iconic Teresa Giudice, to spread her wings and leave the nest. In a recent Instagram Story, Milania revealed where she is planning to go to college after she graduates from high school this June.

Although we don't yet know what she will be studying in college, or even where her interests lie, we do know which college she will be attending. And according to The Daily Dish, the RHONJ daughter will be heading to the University of Tampa in Florida! With over 200 majors to choose from at U of T, Milania will have plenty of options to choose from when it gets to that point.

Milania Giudice's family and friends react to her college decision news

Following Milania Giudice's announcement on Instagram, other members of her family celebrated the news in their own Stories, especially her mom. Over on Teresa's Instagram Story, the RHONJ star shared multiple slides, including the acceptance letter that her daughter received and even imagery from the University of Tampa. And over one of those Stories, Giudice wrote, "Congratulations so happy for you. Love you."

On top of congratulating her daughter for her college choice, Teresa Giudice also revealed some of the other colleges and universities where Milania was accepted. And it looks like there were at least seven other colleges that accepted the young reality star, including Penn State University, Michigan State University, and University of South Carolina.

Of course, it was not just her mom celebrating her college decision. One of Milania's cousins also shared congratulations to her Stories, with a message letting her cousin know that she is proud of her. And her best friend Stephanie, also offered up her own message to her friend with the help of a collage of images of the two friends together. In her message, she said that she "can't wait to see you do amazing things."

Another message of congratulations shared to social media came from Jennifer Aydin's daughter, Gabriella. Gabriella Aydin shared that she was "so happy" for her friend, which we love to see. We love seeing at least one other RHONJ daughter sharing some love with Milania.

With Milania Giudice heading off to college in the fall of 2024, that leaves just one more Giudice daughter in high school. And as a longtime viewer of RHONJ that feels shocking, as it means that we have truly watched all of these girls grow up on our screens.

Congratulations to Milania on not only her acceptance to so many great colleges, but also her choice to attend the University of Tampa.

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