'Love Is Blind': Chelsea responds to hate over Megan Fox comparison

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A contestant from Netflix's blind dating show, Love Is Blind, has taken to her social media account to respond to the hate that she's received online for naming Megan Fox as her celebrity lookalike.

Chelsea Blackwell is one of the contestants hoping to find love on Netflix's blind dating show, but after she said that she's told she looks like Megan Fox, she's found a wave of internet mockery and criticism instead. On her Instagram account, Chelsea posted two videos, one in which she said she was "humbled by the internet" and another in which the caption said that she went on Love Is Blind to find love but got "dragged" instead.

"I get one person, and it's just because I have dark hair and blue eyes, but I don't see it, so don't get excited," Chelsea told her love interest, Jimmy, through the wall of their pods on the February 14 release of episodes of the latest season of the reality show.

Many fans of the series have pointed out that Chelsea Blackwell isn't the one who made the comparison herself and told Jimmy not to "get excited" or expect her to look exactly like the Jennifer's Body actress.

While many fans of the reality show have been making jokes about the fact that they don't see the comparison and instead saying that Chelsea Blackwell looks more like other celebrities like Natalie Nunn, other fans are focused on speculating about whether or not Chelsea comparing herself to Megan Fox is what lead Jimmy to choose her over Jess Vestal, another contestant that he was interested in throughout the season.

Although he continued on to say that he's into Chelsea and "can work with" seeing what she looks like, many fans have pointed out that Jimmy Presnell took Chelsea's Megan Fox comparison to heart, despite her saying that she thinks it's all in the eyes and hair, and accused her of "lying" about what she looks like after they met.

Following the backlash, Chelsea Blackwell took to her TikTok account to continue to try to make light of the situation. "This would be a great time for the people who have ever told me I resemble [Megan Fox] to come forward... Please. I'm begging you."

Luckily for Chelsea Blackwell, although there are people pushing back against her lookalike claim, there are other people tat are on her side.

"You look like Megan fox, in a Natalie Nunn sorta way," wrote one commenter on her TikTok. Another said: "You definitely resemble Megan Fox. You never said you were her twin. There are similarities for sure."