Kim Zolciak seen on body camera footage accusing Kroy of theft

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak has been going through one messy divorce with Kroy Biermann originally filing for divorce from Kim in May 2023 before retracting and then re-filing the divorce papers later in the year. It looks like their split has taken another nasty turn as Kim Zolciak is seen on police body camera footage accusing Kroy Biermann of stealing from her.

In footage released by TMZ from earlier in January 2024, Kim Biermann can be seen in a room at the Alpharetta Police Dept. filing an official complaint against her ex-husband.

In the footage, Kim Zolciak accuses Kroy of stealing "jewelry and purses" and explains to the officer taking her statement that the two of them are still living in the same house together and that their divorce hasn't been finalized yet.

Unfortunately for Kim Zolciak, the officer taking her statement explains to her that since the two of them live together and have not finalized their divorce, the items that she's attempting to report as stolen are "still gonna be marital property."

"The jewelry was mine before I ever met him," Kim Zolciak explains in the body camera footage, to which the officer reiterates that unfortunately, the officer can be seen standing his ground in the video and explaining that any debate of property will have to be done through the court system during their divorce proceedings.

During the video, Kim Zolciak also alleges that she's not able to access part of the home that she and Kroy Biermann still share because she claims that he's bolted the door to their master bedroom shut and restricted her access to the room.

Unfortunately for Kim, this issue is one that will have to be solved in divorce court.