Kelly Clarkson helps couple get married at her show

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - June 21, 2023
Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - June 21, 2023 / Theo Wargo/GettyImages

It was a very happy New Year's Eve for one happy couple. On Sunday night, Kelly Clarkson helped two of the attendees to her Chemistry: An Intimate Evening show get married during her show. Clarkson had originally wrapped up her Las Vegas residency in August, but brought the show back to celebrate the release of a complimentary album by the same name for a special run of extra shows.

According to a video taken of the happy couple during the show, the pair had been together for over a decade and chose to get married on New Year's Eve at Kelly Clarkson's performance.

"Our wedding is tonight with you," half of the couple can be heard saying before Kelly Clarkson repeats the statement back for the crowd to hear. The video shows Clarkson in the crowd with the couple and a friend who had joined them for the show to be the officiant of the wedding.

While standing at the side of the happy couple, Kelly Clarkson excitedly hands the officiant the microphone and tells him to say something, to which the pair quickly share their vows and the officiant names them officially married, "By the power of Kelly Clarkson's show."

After taking a selfie with the newlyweds and joking with a woman in the crowd who appears to be the mother of one half of the couple, Kelly Clarkson wishes them luck and heads back to the stage to continue her performance.

"That was so wonderful," the video shows the "Breakaway" singer saying on her way back to the stage before she gives her well wishes to the happy couple. "Okay, Ryan and Marcelo. Good luck!"

This isn't the first marriage-related time Kelly Clarkson's shows have gone viral, though. Recently, she has gotten social media attention for singing a version of the TikTok hit song ABCDEFU by Gayle that she changed to reference her messy divorce from her husband.

On a Kellyoke performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, she sang, "Forget you, and your dad, and the fact that you got half / And my broken heart, turn that [expletive] into art. Forget you and your friends that I'll never see again / Everybody but your dog, you can all get lost."

Gayle, the original singer behind the bitter breakup hit called Kelly Clarkson a "queen" when reacting to the lyric change that went viral.

Even though Kelly Clarkson went through a tough (and apparently expensive!) divorce, she was still able to help another couple find their happily ever after during a very happy show of hers.