Keanu Reeves is set to add published author to his resume with upcoming novel

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Keanu Reeves is adding a new gig to his already pretty impressive resume. Not only is Reeves a well-respected actor and musician, but it looks like he is about to add published author to that list. And we love that for him!

According to US Weekly, Keanu Reeves is working on a novel that will be set in the comic book world of BRZRKR, which he had a hand in co-creating to begin with. The BRZRKR world was made in collaboration with Ron Garney (artist) and Matt Kindt (writer), and now it is getting the novel treatment as part of a cowriting effort between the actor and fiction author China Miéville.

So what exactly is the title of this upcoming book? That would be The Book of Elsewhere, which just feels fitting for Reeves in a lot of ways.

Keanu Reeves is working on a novel set in the world of BRZRKR

The news was revealed on Good Morning America in a pre-recorded video from the actor who explained more about the project and what readers can expect from the novel. According to Reeves, "The series tells a story of an immortal warrior’s fight through the ages."

Considering how often people say that Keanu Reeves is immortal based on pictures of historical individuals who look like him, this just makes perfect sense. And since he loves the comic book world of BRZRKR, he decided he wanted to find a way to explore it in a new and more comprehensive manner. What better way to do that than with a full-length novel?

In another statement, the actor also talked about working with Miéville on this project and how "extraordinary" it was to get the chance to work with him on this story. Apparently, the author is a favorite of his, and working with him was an honor.

Of course, Reeves was not the only one who felt honored by this collaborative opportunity, as Miéville had similar things to say about working with the actor. He even said that he really appreciated how open the other man was to really experimenting with ideas and storylines. In his own statement, the author shared, "I could never have predicted how generous he’d be with toys he’s spent so long creating, how glad to experiment together, how open to true collaboration."

Personally, I can't wait for this story to be released to see how these two men worked together to bring BRZRKR to a new audience. It should be interesting to see if we can hear Keanu Reeves' voice in the writing.

Are you at all surprised by the idea that Reeves is set to become a published author? Will you be picking up this novel when it is released? Are you a fan of the BRZRKR world?

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