Kandi Burruss has thoughts on the recent Bravo lawsuits

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Kandi Burruss might be taking a break from The Real Housewives of Atlanta after 14 seasons on the franchise, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have thoughts about things happening with Bravo and Andy Cohen. In fact, the former housewife had some thoughts regarding recent lawsuits brought against both Cohen and the network.

According to Reality Tea, during a recent interview with Tamron Hall, Burruss made it clear that she is not trying to be involved with any legal matters, especially if they have nothing to do with her. However, that didn't mean she was staying completely quiet about what was happening.

While she didn't necessarily address the lawsuits themselves, she did remind people that they have the free will to do what they want to do. She pointed out that she was never forced to do anything, including drink.

During the interview, Kandi explained her own experiences and what she wanted people to remember about the entire situation.

"… people know I don’t do drugs. I’ve never been drunk in my life, and yes, I mean, some people ask for a little wine or a drink or whatever because that’s what they like – they like to have wine, they like to have drinks, you know because some people that’s what they do when they want to have fun.
Do I have drinks? No. So, the same way that I have a choice, they have a choice too. Nobody is making you do anything."

Kandi Burruss

She also told people that they should try not to "believe the hype" when it came to Andy Cohen. While Kandi did say that Andy was not perfect, she made it clear that he would try to "look out" for people.

Considering how long Kandi Burruss has been a part of Bravo as a housewife, it makes sense that she would have thoughts on the lawsuits, but she would also understand that we all make our own decisions, especially when it comes to drinking or doing drugs.

Everyone involved in these lawsuits is an adult and that means that they made whatever choices led to this situation. No one is saying that drugs weren't done or even that there hasn't been plenty of excessive drinking, but it does make sense that as a cast member of RHOA, Burruss would have seen firsthand how things were handled in terms of drinking and any other activities.

Obviously, Kandi's experiences are likely to be different from other housewives. And of course, different franchises will also have a different experience from each other.

Only the people involved really know what happened, but we do appreciate the fact that Kandi is speaking out. Considering her long tenure on Bravo and all of the projects she has worked on with the network and Andy, she certainly has credibility when it comes to her version of things.

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