Kaia Gerber on why she keeps relationship with Austin Butler so private

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Kaia Gerber, actress and daughter of superstar model Cindy Crawford, and Austin Butler, actor who portrayed Elvis in the 2022 film by the same name, have been spotted out on date nights and on red carpets, but Kaia Gerber says she doesn't want the whole world to know everything about their love story.

In an interview with WSJ. Magazine, Kaia Gerber gave a rare look into her life with her actor boyfriend. According to Kaia Gerber, she has a good reason to keep her relationship private -- and it's not just her love life that she doesn't want to share.

The pair have been dating for about two years and although they're occasionally spotted together in public on dates or on the red carpet, those are rare outings. When Austin Butler was nominated for an Oscar, Kaia Gerber was notably absent from the red carpet and only joined him at the ceremony and at an afterparty.

Why do Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler keep their relationship private?

According to the Bottoms actress, being in the spotlight means having your whole life on display and keeping her relationship with Austin Butler private is one of the ways that Kaia Gerber has some level of control over what parts of her life are shared and what parts of her life are kept just between the two of them.

"Honestly, I feel like so few things in my life are private, and that is one of the things that I try to keep as sacred as possible"

Gerber says that keeping her relationship fairly private isn't too hard for her, though. The secret? Staying off social media.

"I’m very sensitive, so I don’t keep social media on my phone. And that’s just something I’ve learned about myself, because it is hard to stay off of it," Gerber told WSJ. Magazine.

For people among her 10 million Instagram followers, this isn't a surprise. Her account is a fairly equal mix of what one might expect from a celebrity's social media account with photoshoots and promotions for projects interspersed with more surprising, personal touches like reading updates and even memes.

"I personally haven’t found a time in the last three years where I’ve gone on something like Instagram and left feeling better than I did before," she told the magazine.