Johnny Bananas could end up coming back in a future season of The Traitors, according to producers

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If you are a fan of The Challenge, then you know who Johnny Bananas is. And as a self-proclaimed villain of the MTV franchise, it just made sense to see him as part of the cast for The Traitors season 2.

However, it did not take long for the traitors to come after Bananas and he ended up being the first faithful to be taken out. But does this mean that this is the last time we will see the reality TV staple on the series?

We will see Johnny Bananas during the reunion show for Season 2 of The Traitors, but according to an executive producer on the show (as reported by Reality Tea), we might just see him again in the future, perhaps even during season 3.

At the 2024 Television Critics Association Winter press tour, Reality Tea reports that Sam Rees-Jones, an executive producer for the series, said it was actually a bit shocking to see the traitors taking out Johnny Bananas so quickly. And while there is no way to see him come back in the second season, since he was "killed" by the traitors, another executive producer named Stephen Lambert did say: "He can be revived in another season. Who knows?"

Considering they brought Kate Chastain back for season 2, it makes sense that they might consider bringing Bananas back for another season. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two players is the fact that technically Chastain was never "killed off" the show, she was banished.

It will be interesting to not only see how Johnny Bananas reacts to seeing the traitors who removed him from the show during the reunion and if his normal levels of drama are enough to have him brought back into the fold of The Traitors in a future season.

I know I would love to see him make a second showing on the series as I think it would bring a lot of energy, drama, and ridiculousness to the show. But what do you think?

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