Jessica Chastain responds to the rumors that she'll be in 'Evelyn Hugo' adaptation

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Actress Jessica Chastain says she loves how passionate her fans are, but unfortunately, she's going to have to disappoint them on this rumor. Online buzz has been swirling about Jessica Chastain potentially playing the role of Celia St. James in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the Taylor Jenkins Reed novel The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Unfortunately for fans of the Good Nurse actress, there's nothing to these rumors.

Jessica Chastain finally put the rumors to rest when she spoke to E! News when she said that she's excited to watch the upcoming Netflix production, but that there's "zero possibility" that she'll be in the movie.

According to the actress, she had fans lined up to meet her and get copies of the novel signed by her in hopes that she would eventually be in the live-action version. She apologized for disappointing the fans that were hoping to see her in it, but still appreciates their passion for the novel.

"But I love how excited the fans are. When I was working on Broadway, every single day, they'd be outside, when I was signing, with the books. I just love how wonderful that fan base is."

Jessica Chastain

The rumors didn't appear out of nowhere, though. Fans of the novel were hopeful after seeing Jessica Chastain appear on Watch What Happens Live when she said she'd love to see a script for the movie and that she would consider signing on to the cast.

This statement isn't the first time the movie and Broadway star has set the record straight on whether or not she would be interested in appearing in the Evelyn Hugo film. She took to her social media account once to set the record straight that there was no official announcement of her appearing in the movie at that time, but fans remained hopeful that something might change in the future.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a 2017 novel by Taylor Jenkins Reed that follows a magazine reporter named Monique Grant that is offered a chance to meet a reclusive old Hollywood starlet named Evelyn Hugo in order to write an article about her life story. Monique, an unknown in the world of journalism, is unsure why she was chosen for the job, but plans to use it to take her career to new heights.

In the novel, Celia St. James is a fellow actress and love interest of the main character. Described as having a "girl next door" type of beauty and long, red hair, fans were hopeful that this redhead actress would take on the role and bring their favorite book to life.

Despite the fact that Jessica Chastain won't be taking on the role of Celia St. James, it's safe to say that fans are still excited for the release of this Netflix production and are eagerly awaiting any new casting details or information about the upcoming release.