Jeff Lewis tells Andy Cohen who he wants to see back on RHOC

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Bravo fans likely know exactly who Jeff Lewis is and they already know that he has opinions. The star of Flipping Out even has opinions on who he thinks should get their orange back on The Real Housewives of Orange County!

In fact, according to Reality Tea, while chatting with Andy Cohen on his Sirius XM program, Lewis made it clear that he wants Vicki Gunvalson to get her orange back. And she wasn't even the only name that he mentioned. During the chat, he also mentioned potentially bringing back Taylor Armstrong.

So what exactly was Jeff Lewis' reasoning for bringing back either of these ladies into the RHOC fold? In terms of Armstrong, he said that she brought a lot of "value" to the table. Basically, her pay versus what she delivers to the viewers is enough to make her a strong contender to return according to Lewis.

Jeff Lewis believes Vicki Gunvalson should get her orange back on RHOC

However, when it came to Gunvalson, it seems like the reality TV star was a bit more passionate about why he thinks she should get a chance to return to the franchise. He said:

"And then with Vicki, why can’t you just give her a, I mean, just give her an orange for f**k sake. You just keep bringing her back as a friend. She doesn’t wanna come back as a friend."

Jeff Lewis

If you are a fan of RHOC, then you might also have strong opinions on whether or not they should be bringing Vicki Gunvalson back as a full-time housewife instead of as a "friend of." And we get that. Of course, Andy Cohen also has his arguments for why he believes that having her in the role of a friend is exactly what the series needs.

While chatting with Lewis, Cohen shared that he feels that we are getting just the right amount of screen time for the former housewife and he also said, "I thought she came in, she came out. She was fun. She’s light as a feather."

Whether or not Armstrong or Gunvalson will get their oranges back is obviously all about not only the ladies themselves, but also what Bravo thinks is best for the franchise and the dynamics between all of the housewives. It would definitely be interesting to see both ladies given a chance to be full-time housewives again, just like Jeff Lewis seems to want.

What do you think about either of these ladies being given their oranges back? Would you want either of these ladies back as full time housewives?

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