'I have no money': Wendy Williams opens up in new documentary preview

Wendy Williams' Wendy Digital Event
Wendy Williams' Wendy Digital Event / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

Talk show host Wendy Williams became the subject of speculation about her health in 2017 after she fainted during a taping of her show. Following the health scare, the controversial host continued to receive criticism for her behavior and comments on her show until she ultimately took a hiatus from and ultimately ending her show in 2021, citing fatigue from Graves' disease.

Following her departure from the show, fans of the talk show host became concerned when court documents were shared online that showed a legal battle between Williams and her bank, Wells Fargo, that alleged she had been restricted from accessing her bank account. Despite Williams' court complaint, her attorney alleged that Williams had agreed to have a financial guardian previously.

Unfortunately for fans of Wendy Williams, little was known about what was going on behind the scenes with the TV host as she had retreated from the public eye following her departure from her talk show.

In a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter that detailed the final season of The Wendy Williams Show in 2022, co-president of the production company that was working on The Wendy Williams Show, Mort Marcus, revealed that Williams' departure from the network had been a confusing one for everyone involved -- reportedly, Williams would repeatedly forget that her show was ending and had to be reminded multiple times.

Now, Lifetime is producing a two-part documentary series that will be airing on the network on February 24 and 25 that shows Wendy Williams for the first time since her show ended and shows her in a rare vulnerable moment, opening up about her health and financial episodes. Lifetime has released a trailer (below) that features Williams opening up about her long-running desire to be famous and the struggles she's been met with in the past two years and how she got to this place after being such a popular daytime TV host.

The trailer can be hard to watch as it shows a raw, unfiltered view of Wendy Williams' life out of the spotlight and features interviews from Williams herself as well as her family. The trailer features clips of Wendy Williams opening up about how her lifelong dream has been fame and the fact that all she knows is the spotlight while her family shares their concerns about her mental and physical health.

"I have no money, and I’m gonna tell you something: if it happens to me, it could happen to you."

Where Is Wendy Williams?, which has been executive produced by Wendy Williams, airs its two episodes on February 24 and 25 on Lifetime.