Glen Powell comments on filming 'shower scene' with Sydney Sweeney amid dating rumors

Columbia Pictures' "Anyone But You" New York Premiere
Columbia Pictures' "Anyone But You" New York Premiere / John Lamparski/GettyImages

Anyone But You has rocked the theatres as one of the most entertaining and anticipating rom-coms in years. The movie features Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney going on a date, which soon ends up into hatred for each other. However, an exciting turn of events make them pretend to be a couple, which soon becomes real. 

While the movie had numerous funny moments throughout, a shower scene in the movie turned out to be one of the most steamy ones. The scene featured Powell and Sweeney getting intimate during a shower, which turned out to be very hard to shoot. Though it might not seem so hard to the fans Glen Powell has opened up on how awkward it was to film it. 

During an interview with E! News, Powell revealed, "When we were doing that, there were other people weighing in on what we should do in that scene. I was like, 'I don't like when crew members are weighing in on how I should do a sexy shower scene'. You start getting in the head of some of your crew members. You're like, 'That is weird, man. Can't look at you the same way.'"

While Powell felt uncomfortable with the crew members getting involved in filming the scene, Sweeney had a different reason which made her feel awkward. In an interview, she revealed "There's always an awkward moment, but I don't know if it's because you're so close to someone other than the 40 crew members that are watching you film this – that's the awkward part. If anything, I feel more safe with someone who I'm friends with than some people that you don't really know."

Are Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell dating?

Since the trailer of Anyone But You has released, rumors of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell dating have been making rounds on the internet. With their chemistry shown in the movie, millions believe that the rumors can be trusted. However, the dating rumors aren’t true. 

Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell
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Instead, they became very hard on Powell. With the latter breaking up with her girlfriend during the production of the film, the rumors sparked which ended up becoming a nightmare for the Set It Up star. In an interview with Glamour, Sweeney revealed how worried she was for her co-star, thanks to the impact the rumors created. 

In a chat with Business Insider, Glen Powell revealed that he was not dating his Anyone But You co-star in real life. However, he appreciated the chemistry they had during the movie. Anyone But You is still a part of the cinema screens in the USA and the UK, being one of the best rom-coms in the past few years. Stay connected to Champagne and Shade to get the latest updates on Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney.