Christian Richard files for his own restraining order against Christine Quinn

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If you have watched Selling Sunset, then you know exactly who Christine Quinn and Christian Richard are. Not only that, but viewers also had a chance to see them get married on the show.

While we may have gotten a chance to see the start of Quinn and Richard's relationship on Selling Sunset, the reality star realtor left the series not long after the wedding due to a lot of drama and issues with office relationships. And that means that we really don't know what has been going on in their lives since. However, this week has certainly changed all of that, as reports broke of Christian Richard being arrested not once, but twice and allegations of domestic violence were made.

Now, Christian is telling his side of the story. Part of how he is doing this is with his own restraining order.

What Christian Richard has to say about the domestic violence allegations

According to Reality Tea, court documents show that:

"Christian and his legal team are seeking a temporary restraining order from Christine to help shield him from her accusations of domestic violence. He claimed that this whole situation was blown out of proportion by Christine in an attempt to embarrass him and get the upper hand in a divorce."

Although Christian does admit to getting frustrated with his wife in the moment, he claims that nothing was thrown at her. Instead, he says he was upset over the lack of housetraining with their dogs and the mess that they have been leaving behind in their home. In his anger, he allegedly grabbed a bag of trash and apparently threw it at the wall. Christian says that nothing glass was in the bag, but instead this was a bag of rags and dirty paper towels.

At this point, we don't know what really happened, but we can only hope that their child is safe throughout all of this.

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