Chrisean Rock loses 200k followers following Blueface tattoo reveal

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Zeus Network's Baddies star and rapper Chrisean Rock and rapper Blueface have had a tumultuous off-and-on relationship, but it looks like Chrisean is sticking by their child's father while he's in prison and is showing her dedication with a new tattoo of him. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Chrisean Rock's fans are on her side as she's lost 200,000 followers since revealing her new ink.

In December 2023, Chrisean Rock took to her Instagram account to go live and tell her fans and followers that she and Blueface had gotten into a physical altercation when she arrived at his house.

The encounter was messy on both sides with Chrisean claiming she had come over at Blueface's request, while he said she showed up at his house unprompted.

Contrary to fans who thought that this meant things were officially over for the pair, Chrisean surprised fans on January 25 by revealing that things weren't over just yet and that she was moving back into Blueface's house while he's serving his jail sentence.

Chrisean moving back into Blueface's house was already surprising to many fans, but the next move she took was what really shocked fans and has left many of them pressing the unfollow button on Chrisean's social media accounts as they're tired of watching her and Blueface's relationship play out.

On Sunday, she took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself getting a portrait tattoo on her cheek of Blueface, which has sent her fans debating about whether or not the tattoo is real, criticizing her artist for agreeing to give her the ink, and Chrisean herself for making this choice.

Unfortunately for Chrisean, who said that she and Blueface plan to give their relationship another try, it looks like many fans are tired of seeing their back and forth. Following the reveal of her new Blueface tribute tattoo, she's lost 200,000 followers, having reportedly had 5.3 million Instagram followers before the tattoo and now 5.1 million after debuting it.

It's hard to say where Chrisean Rock and Blueface's relationship will stand when he's released from jail as he's set to be serving a sentence related to a 2021 charge until summer 2024. Although things may be looking good for Chrisean while they're separated, fans are skeptical about whether or not they'll work out once he's released and they're back together, giving them more fuel to criticize her new ink.