BLACKPINK's Jennie launches her own label for personal projects

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Jennie Kim, member of the K-pop sensation BLACKPINK has made a huge announcement: she launched her own label for her solo projects. The news of Jennie's new label came shortly before the group announced that they had renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment, their label, for their group projects but not their solo ones.

On December 24, Jennie took to her Instagram account to post an announcement of her new label, ODD ATELIER, with a photoshoot announcing the label and requesting for her fans to share their love with both BLACKPINK and OA.

"Hi, this is Jennie. This year was filled with many accomplishments, and I'm so thankful for all the love I've received. I'm also excited about what's to come, as I start my solo journey in 2024 with a company that I have established called OA. Please show lots of love for my new start with OA and of course, BLACKPINK. Thank you."

According to OA's own social media in a post shared the same day that Jennie made the announcement, "OA, which stands for ODD ATELIER, is a space that aims to create new things that attract attention in a different way from what is usual or expected. It is a label founded by artist JENNIE in November 2023."

The announcement of her own personal label came only months after Jennie released her second solo song, "You & Me," which was released five years after the release of her solo debut song "Solo." According to OA's website, Jennie's 2018 song "Solo" made her the first Korean female solo artist to hit #1 on the Billboard world digital sales charts.

At this time, it appears that Jennie is the only artist signed to her label and the news page on OA's website features a variety of Jennie's accomplishments, including her song "You & Me" and the fact that retailer Lyst named her "Power Dresser of the Year" for their Year in Fashion 2023.

Even though OA was just announced and has only signed their founder as an artist, it hasn't stopped fans of BLACKPINK from sharing their excitement online. From joking about auditioning to be the next big K-pop superstar signed to OA to jokes about the future lineup of artists, it's safe to say that fans are excited for the future of Jennie's label Odd Atelier.