The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay says Swifties at Travis Kelce’s NFL games are “obnoxious”

Ever since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were first linked together, there has been a lot of content and drama around their budding relationship. From the NFL having to defend themselves and their show of support for Swift and Kelce from Kelce himself to all the media reports around all of the singer’s recent football-related activity, it seems like this relationship is causing quite a stir. And now The Bachelorette‘s Rachel Lindsay is speaking up with her own thoughts.

According to Reality Tea, it seems that Lindsay, who is herself a fan of football, is less than impressed by everything that is going down with this relationship. Specifically, she mentioned how she “hates” the way everyone seems to be obsessed with every move Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are making.

While speaking on The View’s podcast, Behind the Table, Rachel Lindsay really went all out in sharing her thoughts on all the media coverage, as well as her thoughts on Swift’s fans, the Swifties. And her thoughts were less than complimentary.

What Rachel Lindsay had to say about Swifties and all the attention on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

According to Lindsay:

It’s a little obnoxious, the Taylor Swift fans. Love that you’re into the sport, but they’re not — they’re into the Taylor-Travis Kelce of it. It’s too much information. The media is playing into it too much.

So why does The Bachelorette star feel this way? Well, according to her it is because the “frenzy” is apparently “disrespectful” to the actual sport.

Not only that, but she also feels as if the shirts that read “Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend” are also disrespectful to Travis Kelce. And while she may not be wrong, can we just point out how often a woman is referred to as someone else’s girlfriend or wife even when they have their own accomplishments to fall back on?

Although what Rachel Lindsay is saying may sound harsh, it does make sense that a fan of the sport might feel like everything that has transpired is a bit much. However, if it brings more fans to the game, how can anyone complain about that? It is definitely a catch-22 situation, as there are positives and negatives to the frenzy around Kelce and Swift being together.

Whether or not we 100 percent agree with Rachel Lindsay, we understand where she is coming from when it comes to how much the media is playing into the drama of it all.

What do you think of what Lindsay had to say about Swifties and all the news surrounding the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Do you think she is right at all?