Chrishell Stause and Amanza Smith settled their Selling Sunset drama while Smith was in the hospital

Selling Sunset season 3 on Netflix, image courtesy Netflix
Selling Sunset season 3 on Netflix, image courtesy Netflix /

When it comes to drama on Selling Sunset, it sometimes feels like Chrishell Stause, finds herself involved more often than not. All things considered, it makes sense that there would be drama on reality TV, and yet the latest drama was one we didn’t see coming. Or at the very least the fact that it involved Stause and one of her friends on the series was definitely a surprise.

During the seventh season of Selling Sunset, Chrishell Stause and Amanza Smith had a falling out that extended beyond the season. And while we have yet to see the drama unfold, as Season 7 has not yet dropped on Netflix, we do know that it is coming.

The fact that it was big news on social media for a while, definitely made this a story we all knew about. And then Smith ended up in the hospital due to a blood infection.

Amanza Smith and Chrishell Stause squash the drama following Smith’s hospital stay

According to US Weekly, Amanza Smith has revealed that the drama between herself and Stause is over. In fact, during a recent podcast visit, Smith revealed some more details about the drama and how it was put to rest.

"Before I went into the hospital, I had a falling out with my dear friend Chrishell. I never have had a falling out like this with anybody. We had a misunderstanding. It happened kind of during season 7 [of Selling Sunset] and then it carried on a little bit afterward — a lot afterward. And I felt really really strongly about it like I was done. I was done with her, I didn’t like the way she moved through this situation that we had been in…When I was in the hospital, [Chrishell] reached out to me and it made me so emotional and I wrote her back. In my head, I was like, ‘What the f–k are we even arguing about?’ We’ve talked since and we’re good."

Honestly, it makes perfect sense that any on-screen drama would be squashed when there are more important things to deal with. And since the medical emergency that landed Smith in the hospital could have killed her, it makes sense that whatever they were arguing about was not important anymore.

The fact that Chrishell Stause ignored any drama between them in order to check on her friend means that even when they weren’t speaking, they were still friends. And we all know that friends fight and they argue over things that end up not being nearly as important as we think they are in the moment.

We appreciate the fact that these two have let go of the drama and are back to being good again. And of course, we hope that when whatever went down between them ends up airing on Selling Sunset, it doesn’t bring up any of the drama and bad feelings.

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