Why fans think Morgan Wallen really cancelled his show

Morgan Wallen recently cancelled his show at Ole Miss because he “lost his voice.” But that may not be the real reason.

Wallen was set to perform in front of thousands of fans at Ole Miss’s football stadium. Five minutes before his performance, an announcement was made that he lost his voice and is unable to perform. Refunds were given to everyone that showed up.

Wallen was supposed to conclude a two-day country music event but would never appear on stage. So what really happened here?

Fans are theorizing that Morgan Wallen was too drunk to perform

For starters, it’s important to note that this is all speculation. The only official word on Morgan Wallen is that he lost his voice.

That said, some fans think Morgan Wallen may have become too drunk to perform. Rumors are swirling that security guards told spectators that Wallen had drank too much and could barely stand up.

This theory does have some legs to it, as Wallen is no stranger to public intoxication. Just a few years ago, the country star was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly contact after he was booted from a bar in Nashville.

Wallen also upset many people when he was caught on camera a year later saying a racial slur.

The bizarre part of this cancellation, and perhaps the reason for so much outrage, is that Wallen’s show was not cancelled until five minutes before he was scheduled to appear on stage. His openers performed and suddenly, a PA announcement told everybody that there would be no show. Thousands of fans were gathered and disappointed.

This also pokes some holes in the theory that he lost his voice — how could he have just realized this minutes before the show. It does seem more likely that they hoped to sober him up before the show began but were unable to do so.

Again though, official sources have only told us one thing — he lost his voice. For now, that’s all we can definitively say.