Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live Tour is heading to Dallas

Northern Texans: get ready for Channing Tatum’s global superhit tour.

Magic Mike Live originally and unsurprisingly called Hard Rock Las Vegas its home back in 2017 when it premiered, but since then has become a globally recognized tour. Created and directed by Tatum himself, the show is based on the first two movies of the series- Magic Mike & Magic Mike XXL. Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the third and mostly like the last, was released February 2023.

Although always a sold-out show, the tour is extra special this year.

Magic Mike Live inspired the latest and final film of the franchise

The live performance that debuted all the way back in 2017 was the inspiration for the Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The series is coming full circle in a dramatic and more emotional way than one could imagine for its premise.

Tatum began his career as a stripper, which not only made clear by his exceptional talent as a dancer but also by how close he is to the series. He took what could have been a one-time hit that only catered to a specific category of viewers and turned it into an entire story that reflects his life’s path in so many ways.

For the fans of the first two movies, you can agree that there is much more to the overall plot than was anticipated. The story brings a unique perspective to “guy friends” and their “bromance” as they go through industry experiences that aren’t commonly seen or known. Additionally, Tatum’s closeness to the role brings authenticity and passion in an impressive and engaging way.

Assuming you’ve been sold, let’s get into the deets of the show.

Dates, location, and where to get tickets

There will be 10, 90-minute weekly performances from May 11-June 11 at the Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, Texas. Tickets are currently being sold for the Dallas shows on the Magic Mike Live website, starting at $68 – not too shabby for a night out these days.

The website also indicates that their next stop will be in NYC, but the dates and tickets are not yet listed. However, if located further North of the country, you can sign up to be alerted when the presale begins.

Will Channing Tatum be there?

Perhaps the most crucial question. No, neither Tatum nor his Magic persona take part in the performance. But – he has made several surprise appearances in the past, leaving a small chance to see him in action.