5 fun facts you didn’t know about Aubrey Plaza

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 04: Aubrey Plaza attends the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 04, 2023 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Jemal Countess/WireImage)
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 04: Aubrey Plaza attends the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 04, 2023 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Jemal Countess/WireImage) /

Actress Aubrey Plaza is on top of the world right now. After a critically-acclaimed stint in the second season of  The White Lotus, the Golden globes nominee has a handful of upcoming projects.

If many recognize Aubrey for her role as the unaffected April Ludgate from Parks and Rec or her usual “awkwardness,” there’s still a lot you don’t know about the actress.

She’s part Latina

Aubrey’s father is of Puerto-Rican descent (hence the Spanish last name). Like many others, the comedian’s grandfather moved from his native island to the mainland US and settled. As a result, Aubrey has countless relatives still living in Puerto Rico.

Aubrey was named after a song

Picking a name for their newborn can be a hassle, especially for first-time parents. Some meticulous mothers choose baby names months before the pregnancy, but most decide later.

In Aubrey’s case, her parents found inspiration in a 1973’s single by the rock band Bread. Even more surprising is that the group leader penned this song after watching Audrey Hepburn in the cult movie Breakfast by Tiffany.

It might be a stretch, but a superstitious mind would say that Aubrey Plaza was destined to be an actress.

Aubrey met Donald Glover at New York University

Aubrey Plaza knew very early she wanted to work in cinema. So, after high school, the brunette enrolled in the famed New York University Tisch School of the Arts. This prestigious school boasts several famous alums.

At Tisch, Plaza met other aspiring entertainers; among them was Donald Glover. Later, she would often cross paths again with the actor/musician.

In 2009, they starred together in the comedy The Mystery Team. Then, Glover would help Aubrey rehearse and tape her audition for Judd Apatow’s movie Funny People. The latter is considered Aubrey’s breakout role.

"“Everything goes back to Donald Glover for some reason,” she said in an interview"

She was ousted from the MTV movie awards

Few might remember this moment, but Aubrey once pulled a live joke that didn’t land. At the 2013 MTV movie awards, a solemn ceremony where winners take home a golden popcorn box, Aubrey wanted to promote her latest project.

As winner Will Ferrell made his acceptance speech, the actress popped on stage and tried to snatch his trophy. Wrong move because Ferrell didn’t let go. An awkward silence ensued before Aubrey fled the stage.

If Will Ferrell handled the interruption graciously, the show’s producers wouldn’t condone it. Instead, they escorted Aubrey out of the premises. Ouch!

Unfazed, the comedian laughed the incident off, even thanking Kanye West for the inspiration.

Aubrey Plaza is taken

Aubrey Plaza usually keeps her private life off the radar. However, the actress still revealed her quarantine wedding on the Ellen show. After ten years of relationship, Plaza decided to marry director Jeff Baena in 2021.

No big white dress, floral arrangement, or even wedding reception for the performer. She opted for an intimate ceremony in her backyard with a neighbor as a witness. Somehow, this stripped-back wedding is perfectly in tune with Plaza’s image.

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