Zeta Morrison throws shade at ex Timmy in recent tweet

Zeta Morrison, Timmy Swerve, Love Island (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for CLD PR / White Fox)
Zeta Morrison, Timmy Swerve, Love Island (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for CLD PR / White Fox) /

America’s favorite Love Island couple has split up and it has not been pretty. The #LoveIslandUSA winners Zeta Morrison and Timmy “Swerve” Pandolfi are making this breakup quite public, which is on brand given the nature of the show. “Zimmy” seemed like the perfect couple to many fans after leaving the villa (and winning $50,000) but we are now learning that is not the case.

Zeta appeared in a tell-all interview this past weekend to “drop a bomb”. She explains how the relationship was never what it seemed, expressing her concerns about Timmy, and ultimately explaining the breakup. It is also hinted that there are more in-depth details about more personal topics found on her exclusive weekly blog, Zeta Confidential, which fans must subscribe to for access.

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Timmy has not remained quiet either. After the interview gained traction online, he took to Instagram live to give a brief statement. He then went on TMZ and spoke about the situation. All of this led up to Timmy releasing a podcast episode on his personal YouTube channel. He expresses that he was not thrilled about Zeta’s decision to publicly speak about the breakup in the detail she did.

Although the stories slightly conflict with each other, one thing is obvious: fans are #TeamZeta. Zeta is clearly displeased with the release of Timmy’s side of the story, throwing shade at him on Twitter.

This is not Zeta’s first reference to the “first class” fan tweet that aired on Season 4 of Love Island USA, causing a bit of awkwardness between the couple. She also mentions this tweet in her interview. Zeta is not messing around! With such a public relationship and breakup, we are sure to see more drama to come.

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