Trisha Paytas calls out Reddit for allowing targeted harrassment

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(Photo Illustration by Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Trisha Paytas has been on the internet for a very long time and had her fair share of controversies, cancelation attempts, and business ventures over the years. Since the birth of her daughter, Malibu Barbie, Trisha has managed to stay out of any drama (for the most part).

Trisha has really put a lot of focus into her ASMR channel, posting daily videos throughout the holiday season. This outlet has been very positive for her, creating a positive community of ASMR enjoyers. Yesterday, Trisha officially launched her new skincare line ‘ASMR Skin’. In her video showing off the products, Trisha explains that she branded the line this way because “ASMR was my safe space, ASMR was my relaxing, my comfort, and that’s what I want this skincare line to be for you”.

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While launching a new product with Trisha’s controversial past is sure to cause some noise, the current result was not expected. Reddit users from a subreddit used to dissect Trisha’s every move have begun to spread revenge porn in hopes to take down her new product line. This Reddit group has been previously taken down by the site due to spreading copyrighted content from Trisha’s OnlyFans, which is illegal behavior due to the terms of service of the site.

There have been many differing opinions from internet users on the situation. Some argue that “the internet is forever” and that “this is what happens when NSFW photos are posted anywhere online”. Many others have come to support Trisha in this scenario, whether they are fans of hers or not. The major issue is the content that is being spread is copyrighted, posted behind a paywall, and are no longer being circulated by Trisha. The spread of this content anywhere, especially in attempts to target an individual, could be considered revenge porn.

Trisha has had enough and is publically calling out Reddit for allowing this group to exist after being banned previously. In her YouTube video addressing the situation, she mentions that there is little she can legally do against Reddit to make change. Trisha’s public stance on this issue has gained a lot of support and attention from Twitter users so far. She has also uploaded a video going into full detail HERE. Trisha has never been one to back downin the past, so hopefully she is able to find a solution for her and many others who are victims of this type of online harrasment.

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