The full story on what happened to Kids React’s Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson, Kids React (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)
Lia Marie Johnson, Kids React (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage) /

One of the biggest celebrity mysteries of the past few years has been that of Lia Marie Johnson. Johnson became well-known after making consistent appearances in Kids React videos, quickly becoming a fan favorite. She would then move on to Teens React and then YouTubers react. She also acted in a variety of shows and films during this time.

Then, she sort of fell off of the map.

It was hard to find many details about the actress and the mystery quickly turned to concern when she began to go live on social media while clearly under the influence of substances. There was never any sort of clarification on what was going on with her.

Here’s what happened to Kids’ React star Lia Marie Johnson

Just as a warning, some of the things in this article are extremely heavy. There are discussions of self-harm and assault, so please take caution.

Lia Marie Johnson finally gave us some answers. In a video posted to her YouTube channel, she told her story from start to finish, missing no details. I personally recommend clicking on the video and watching it yourself but for those who are unable to do that, I will break it down below.

First things first, she appears to be doing well. She claims in the video to be 10 months sober which, according to her story, is a really big stride for her. She seems confident and thankful for where she is in life.

The first major takeaway was an abusive relationship she had when she was just 17 years old and new to Los Angeles. She said that she was abused by this person that she loved, with attacks going as far as strangulation.

She continues by describing her issues with drugs and alcohol, describing a downward spiral that led to a suicide attempt at age 18. A car accident a couple of years later would only worsen her mental health and her struggles with drugs and alcohol. She had a couple of stints in jail during this time.

Throughout this time, she was also struggling with drug-induced psychosis, which only worsened things. She would find herself in another abusive relationship and then be dropped by Capitol Records.

She attempted to get sober again in 2019 and was met with her creepy producer who convinced her to drink to the point of intoxication again. This is where her infamous Instagram live with an older man took place. She intentionally went live on Instagram to document the event and it worked, though many misconstrued the events behind it. The producer is seen kissing and touching her without consent.

She would find herself in another relationship before her boyfriend would commit suicide, which led her back toward another spiral, leading her toward multiple rehab centers. She would be kicked out repeatedly until she had nowhere to go.

Thankfully, a friend named Charlotte offered Lia a place to stay with her family. Though she hasn’t remained sober fully through her stay, she has been able to have some control over her life, and as previously mentioned, she has been sober for 10 months now. She now lives with her boyfriend

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And that’s the end of the story. I think just about everybody is rooting for her.