Why everyone is freaking out about Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing

Olivia Wilde (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/WireImage,)
Olivia Wilde (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/WireImage,) /

In a year filled with strange celebrity news, one name has been at the center of much of it — Olivia Wilde. In fact, this story might take the cake as the weirdest of the year.

It all begins with the trending phrase “Olivia Wilde’s Salad Dressing.”

Before your imagination runs too wild — it’s not some sort of innuendo. Simply a story about salad dressing. This story goes back away, pointing in the direction of her ex-fiancee, Jason Sudeikis, and new boyfriend, Harry Styles.

The story about Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing is actually very sad

In a story that has since been denied by Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde, DailyMail reports that the former couple’s nanny claims that she witnessed Sudeikis throw himself under a car to prevent Wilde from bringing salad with a special dressing to Harry Styles.

“Jason told me: ‘She made this salad and she made her special dressing and she’s leaving with her salad to have dinner with [Harry],'” the nanny claimed.

The nanny continues by claiming that Sudeikis said “she has a special salad dressing she makes for us and she’s taken it to have it with him now.”

This took place when Sudeikis and Wilde were still engaged. Apparently, Sudeikis’s feelings about the salad dressing were so strong that he was willing to throw himself under the car. This may be the first salad dressing to ever ruin a marriage.

Why did he care so much about the salad?

Some believe Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing recipe can be found online

To bring a fun twist into this story, Wilde’s famous salad dressing can allegedly be found online on the Food Network in a recipe courtesy of Olivia Wilde. The recipe is a roasted salmon salad with zucchini and potatoes.

Don’t worry — the comments below the recipe are exactly as funny as they should be. Here are a few of my favorites from anonymous consumers:

"So delicious, made this Special salad today – I almost didn’t get it to my boyfriend though- damn husband laid out behind my car and wouldn’t let me leave. The nerve. Then he complains to the Nanny- uuuggg"

"This salad made me walk out on my childrenAlso not enough garlic"

"In all seriousness, this looks like a damn good salad and dinner. I’m going to double the recipe so that’s there’s enough leftovers for hubby to heat up when I bring the dish to share with my sugar daddy."

I’m not sure what else there is to say here. We’re at the point in the world where celebrities are having to make public statements to defend themselves against a marriage-ruining-salad dressing-related rumor.

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